Saturday, March 17, 2018

Strawberry Tower

Gary helped me build a mini strawberry tower. The beauty of growing strawberries in a tower is the strawberries don't touch the ground and aren't subject to rot, mildew or slugs. Each layer is set on the lower one without being attached, so the tower can easily be dismantled if necessary.
The bottom layer is 30 inches square. Subsequent levels are set back about five inches to allow planting of the strawberries at each level. The tower is set directly on top of the ground and filled with a good growing soil. This gardening project takes less than a couple of hours to complete from beginning to end. We used 2 x 4s but you could also use 2 x 6s for a deeper root growing depth. I think we used three 8 foot boards we had on hand.
The variety of strawberry I got is Quinault which is an everbearing strawberry. This was so easy to build I think I might build one more. Nothing is better than fresh picked strawberries plus I know they won't have any pesticides on them.
I plan to make a cover with chicken wire to protect the strawberries from critters tempted to eat my strawberries. Strawberries are hardy and will come back each year so the initial investment is well worth it. Don't you think a strawberry leaf looks a little like a shamrock? Happy St. Patrick's Day. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Is it Live or is it Memorex ?

Is it live or is it Memorex. Remember that phrase? The phrase is from the 1970s; has it been that long? This mushroom omelette doesn't look real, does it? But it is real. I suspect the bright yellow color comes from the fact the two eggs are free range eggs.

Nowadays I cook my omelette in a ceramic coated frying pan and it doesn't stick. First I saute the sliced mushrooms in a little butter and then remove them from the pan. Next I pour the two beaten eggs in the pan and then slide the sauteed mushrooms into the egg mixture. I cover the omelette and let it cook over low heat till cooked through. When I remove the omelette it slides right out without sticking.

In the 70s a recording of Ella Fitzgerald could break a wine glass, 'Is it real or is it Memorex' was the advertising phrase used to sell those tapes. I can attest this type of phenomena was possible even before memorex. In 1966 we lived in a house with an intercom and a whole house radio. My family: mom, dad, sister and brothers and I were all listening to the intercom radio. All of a sudden a thick glass ashtray my dad brought back from Italy, shattered. No one was near the ashtray which was on a shelf all by itself. We all surmised the high note of the song caused the ashtray to shatter.

Look where we are now. We've moved from cassette tapes to discs. From writing, to typing to texting. I read scientists are now cloning meat. I for one am not eating meat which has been cloned, at least not willingly. A twin brother returning from space after an extended stay now has different DNA than his twin brother. Who knows where we'll be next. Meanwhile I think I'll stick with my simply made omelette.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Ode to a Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Sometimes life is cruel. I noticed a few gray feathers on the front porch mat, perhaps part of a wing. Later I noticed an orange red tuft. It was the head of a bird. I searched to identify the bird and learned it was a ruby crowned kinglet. The kinglet is known for its friendly nature and can lay a clutch of up to 12 eggs. They make their nests high in trees sometimes 100 feet up, so little is known about their nesting activities. They scratch around on the ground eating insects and also consume poison ivy berries and dogwood seeds. So sorry you met an unfortunate demise sweet little bird. Please know I mourned for you the whole day through and I'll remember you.  Sometimes it's sad to have a cat.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

White Moon and Butterfly

Last night three am
in the living room
clerestory window
half a moon bright.

Late morning 48 degrees
brisk chill air
fluttering on high
all white butterfly.

Mid afternoon warmth
marvel and delight
faint half moon
soft white butterfly.

Night falls slowly
light goes quickly
again bright moon
white butterfly soon.