Sunday, May 20, 2018

Chicken Verde - Very Quick & Easy

So quick and delicious you'll be amazed. Preheat oven to 350 F. Take any cut of chicken but thighs or breast would be best. Remove the skin (I could pull it off with my hand) and discard. Lightly oil a glass baking dish adequate in size to fit one layer of chicken. I used a 9 x 12 inch for eight thighs. Four thighs would fit in an 8 x 8 inch pan. I like thighs better than the breast which often gets dry. Pour one jar of green salsa (yep store bought) over chicken to cover each piece.
Bake for 45 minutes. While chicken is baking, cook rice or quinoa. Also grate 8 oz of cheese I used mozzarella but I am going to try others. Remove pan from oven, sprinkle grated cheese over the top, turn oven up to 400 F and bake till cheese is just melted. Serve immediately and spoon some of the salsa over the rice. Leftovers were also delicious the next day. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Stop School Shootings - Two Words

Stop School Shootings - Two Words

Gun Safe
One Entrance
Same Exit
Metal Detector
Armed Officer
Armed Teachers
Safety Drills
Say Something
Mental Health
Stop Bullying
Do Something

Friday, May 18, 2018

Lettuce Harvest & Modified Caesar Salad

With the sudden weather warm-up my lettuce is maturing all at the same time. Notice there is a small bunch of broccolini there too (it does put on more than one bunch). I packed two bags of red leaf lettuce very very full; each neighbor (I only have two neighbors on my road) got a delivery this morning. I still have one large colander full of romaine lettuce.
I washed the romaine well, spun it dry and broke it into bite sized pieces. I decided to make a modified caesar salad. Romaine, anchovies and grated parmesan cheese with a drizzle of white balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Nothing better than home grown. Gary and I are really enjoying our salads. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wilted Arugula and Exotic Mushrooms with Arugula Flowers

Today I picked more arugula and decided to use the fresh picked leaves and flowers with the exotic mushrooms I purchased at the farmer's market. I am using the smaller side leaves because that's all my plants seem to be putting on. I'm sure the baby arugula is much sweeter than the large leaves must be. My plants just don't have any large leaves to speak of. Maybe now that it's turning warmer they'll get another growth spurt.
Here are the arugula leaves stripped from the stems and the arugula flowers picked from the tops. In butter I sauteed one quarter of an onion chopped fine with two cloves of garlic chopped fine. Then I added the lion's mane mushroom sliced and the oyster mushrooms broke into individual pieces and large ones cut in half.
Last I added the arugula leaves and when just wilted I added in some sherry. I let the sherry bubble up for less than a minute, then immediately pulled it off the heat and plated it up. The arugula seemed to wilt down to less than a third of what I picked. I sprinkled the arugula flowers over the top. The flowers are even sweeter than the leaves. This was so delicious. We enjoyed the mixture thoroughly, especially since we know it's so good for us. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.